Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Walks to see Water

Moving my body, getting fresh air, feeling good--all to find some balance in these times of the Corona virus. Here are some images of water walks to Lake Winona and the Mississippi River. I took these photographs a few weeks ago when the ice was almost melted and open water was dancing.

The transparent ice parts are dancing in the waves on Lake Winona.

Seagulls sitting on the ice ledge on Lake Winona with open water in the background.

Mississippi River--misty morning.

Clear and sunny day on the Mississippi--still a bit of ice along the bank.

Sunny walks are my favorite.  I'm finding pleasure in the foggy or cloudy day walks as well.  I bring along a pod cast for listening pleasure or a spoken word story and I'm on my way taking in the beauty of the waters around Winona.  I feel blessed.

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