Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Full Moon Shining

In this time of transition of work, I'm reclaiming time in the art studio.  I've just finished up a long term substitute teaching assignment.  I was working in a special education room with three other lovely teachers and many children flowing in and out through the day.

I had small groupings of students and each set had lessons that I gave each day.  Most of the students were third and fourth graders. I went into one student's first grade classroom to give support.

I grew to love those students and the flow of the schedule.  It was mornings Monday through Friday. I had my last day with them a week ago.  Now, each day as a substitute teacher could be in Middle School special education, physical education or teaching English Language Learners--and yes, I did all of those roles last week!

I have to have my agility and flexibility pants pulled on. 

And here's an art quilt  that just went to the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Acrylic painted on muslin with machine stitching. The paint is metallic and that gives a shine to the art.

 Close up detail

The back of the quilt.

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