Monday, December 17, 2018

Reminders of the Season of Joy

Some things happen in December that are challenging for me to feel glad about such as excess spending, excess eating and drinking.

And then I remind myself to put my attention to things that bring me joy.

This is one: colored lights.  And there is lots of dark to let them shine in the joy.

The Harp Circle preforming at Wesley United Methodist Church.  My friend, Kathie is tucked in on the left side.

Stained glass windows shining--this time it is sun shining in!  And that I am thankful for in December.

Ice skating at levee park.  Look another day of sun!

Eisley, a little snow princess.
She greets me in the early morning and loves making art.

Trees waving their branches.

Find the magic; it is there.  We need to take another look sometimes.

Find the Nia magic on the dance floor of the Friendship Center on Wednesdays 4:00pm or Thursdays at 4:30 - 5:05pm Moving to Heal Nia and 5:10 -6:00pm Classic Nia.

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