Sunday, March 25, 2018

Amaliya's Quilt

My daughter had her 35th birthday on Friday.  Wow, amazing and wonderful and I can't believe that time goes by so quickly.

She's been asking for a quilt, gentle suggestions or requests since she turned 30 year.  I thought this was the time to get one created for her. Its made up of colors and designs that I thought she would like and appreciate and ones that I chose for color and softness.

The size is 52" x 66".  It is called "Fly and Soar."  It is made with all cotton fabrics that I stitched together and machine quilted the three layers together.  I finished it on 3/23/2018.  She'll receive this gift of love on Sunday.

Here are the top and bottom of the quilt before it was quilted with the batting in the middle:

My studio space is rather small.  To the left off this picture is my sewing machine and to the right is the ironing board.  The lay out table has two arms to make it larger or smaller depending on need for size.  When the table is full size, I have to squeeze around the table.  My sewing machine table also has an extension table to allow for quilting larger pieces.

Some pins to hold pieces in alignment.

Sewing the tiny berries in the middle section.  I call this machine drawing.

Back of the quilt with the quilting creating a design.

 The hand embroidery was on an old dress of mine that I up-cycled for this quilt.

Lots of good work and love in creating this quilt.

 Quilt detail

Back quilting detail

I love you, Amaliya Rose.

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