Tuesday, July 18, 2017

City Museum

The City Museum is located in St. Louis, Missouri. When you open up City Museum's website the first words that you see are: "Always building..."  It is an old shoe factory that has become a play museum for young and old.  I traveled there for a Nia Moving to Heal conference.  Before the dancing began, I met up with two dear friends to climb and slide and shimmy through many known and unknown areas.  There is a ferris wheel on the roof top that I went on with Nyah, my 11 year old friend, and a 10 floor slide that Nyah and her Mom slid down.  I did not.  I took the stairs down and wondered if I would see them again.  We had cell phones and I knew that we would; however for a short moment, I was a little scared.  And then there we were together and we were near the caves and a white whale.

 Taking a selfie of us two on the ferris wheel: double brave!

Nyah went to Ridgeway Community School and loved art.  Her family moved and we only see one another occasionally when she makes a return visit with her family to Winona.  This time,  I was traveling nearer to her home and we met up for a play day.  What a treat to spend a day of exploration and fun together!  Living Life as Art all the way!

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