Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last Day of School 2015 Ridgeway Community School Part II

Our end of the school year event for health and wellness is a walk/run around the West Lake in Winona scheduled for the Saturday following the final school day.  This year was an especially exciting year with celebrity runners  joining us for our before school Workout Wednesday and then sharing stories of their love of running and staying healthy.  Students were encouraged to get fit with running or walking the track at Ridgeway Community School.

Another thing to get the students excited was to get small donations and for each dollar, the homeroom group received a shoe that was taped to the wall.  The Homeroom with the most shoes would be able to duct tape their teacher and Ms. Jodi, our school coordinator to the wall!  That bit of fun play got students very excited!  Two homerooms for going very close to being the winners--Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Johnson.  Who would win?  Oh, my goodness, it was a tie and they both got the fame of being taped to the wall.  

 Ms. Jodi, duct taped to the wall.

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Meyer, the two tying Homeroom teachers!

Students in each homeroom along with their teacher.

Smiles and hugs all around.

After lunch, the very exciting kickball game began with 5th Graders verses Teachers.  The rules were gone over and agreed on by both sides before the game.  Mrs. Cindy Smith making sure all was fair for both teams.

Students and teachers getting ready for the very exciting game.  The game goes for 4 innings or one hour which ever comes first.  This year, though the teachers were winning 5-4 after 4 innings, it was agreed to continue for the full hour.

In the end Teachers won 5th Graders--10 to 6.  Good game by all.

After the game, everyone excited a freezy including Mrs. Hundorf, our Special Education para-professional and out fielder.

Mrs. Langlie, our music teacher and second base player.

Mrs. Maynard, Special Education para-professional helped keep all the children safe on the playground and in the bounce house.

Mrs. Conway, our Special Education teacher and 3rd Base person.

Ms. Geier joined us for our final day.  She student taught in Mrs. Johnson's 1st Grade through the spring semester.

Mrs. Meyer, our 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher and 1st base player.

Mrs. Anderson, 4th & 5th Grade Lead Teacher and our fabulous out fielder with some of her students, Nyah, Elise, Jocelyn. 
There were many more teachers playing and having fun with students that missed my photo eye.

Mrs. Anderson and Tyler.

Ms. Eischen, Art Teacher and Nyah.

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