Saturday, December 20, 2014

Architects in 1st Grade

The 1st  Graders learned about Architecture in Art Class.  We talked about designing buildings and what was needed.  A floor has another name a foundation, columns  support the walls, doors allow people to come and go, and windows bring in light and allow a view of outside.  We made three dimensional gingerbread houses with lunch sacks and candy cane paper for columns.

Some children added window panes; others added people looking out the windows.  Some created two floors and even patios.  Quite a variety of designs.

Adding crumpled newspaper to create the inside of the gingerbread house was fun.

Folding the green roof and gluing it on top was the last step.  All the steps took lots of concentration, and paying attention to getting the foundation on the bottom and the roof on top.

A happy result when complete!

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