Monday, June 23, 2014

Pete's Great Adventure

At the end of our school year at Ridgeway Community School, we invited In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre artists to share art and puppet performance with the students. Stacy Lee King and Madeline Helling worked and played with students from May 12 - May 22.   On May 22nd, we had two outdoor performances with our whole school.  It was amazing and wonderful to be part of the children's discovery, learning and creating.

Here is Pete, the turtle. Pete is operated by 8 people--7 students and Madeline Helling, guest artist.   In our musical pageant, Pete has lost his way and needs help to find his friends and his way back to the pond, Ridgeway Community School.

Some  2nd and 3rd grade frogs want to help.

So do the Kindergarten Dragonflies.

 The First Grade Prairie Chickens race in to help.

The preschool lilies sing a song.

The frogs are pulling Pete this way and that and then they all fall down.

Fifth Grade Turtle narrators tell the story.

Madeline and Stacy Lee dance the turtle as all the 4th and 5th graders sing.

Frogs help tell the story too.

Stacy Lee King, Mary Lee Eischen, Kat Eng, Madeline Helling share the after the performance glow.

 Stacy Lee & Mary Lee

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