Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Gratitude List for 2013

Just a few things that I’m grateful for; there are many more; these are some highlights.

I gathered a jar created by Kim Hammer to collect my notes of gratitude for 2013. I jotted down a quick note of thanks. Today I reviewed the notes.  Hmmmm, yes, a good year was 2013.  I’ll write down gratitude notes again for 2014.  Here are some things that I’m very grateful for in 2013:

1. I’m grateful for beauty of the sky.

2. I’m grateful to win a kayak at the Frozen River Film Festival.

3. I embrace gratitude for the creativity of children at Ridgeway  & Dakota Community Schools.

4  I’m grateful for Kendra Dicker Deutsch.

5. I feel deep gratitude for the beauty of the Mississippi River.

6. I am grateful for teaching Nia to students at Winona State University Scrubs Camp.

7. I’m grateful for little Annie and her Mom, Ruthie.

8. I appreciate and am grateful for the beauty of the wildlife around us.

9. I’m grateful for reliable transportation.

10. I’m grateful for the Blue Heron Coffeehouse.

11. Gratitude for a beautiful sunset.

12. I’m grateful for Kim Hammer.

13. I see gratitude in the yellow lotus’ located in the back waters of the Mississippi River.

14. Gratitude for beauty blowing in the wind.

15. I’m grateful for the teachings of Nia; the Co-founder Debbie Rosas; trainers Jaimie Klausing, Winalee Zeeb, Caroline Kohls, Barb Wesson; and Nia instructors all over the world, Kendra Dicker Deutsch, Kathleen de Miranda, Jacqueline Paulsen, Crina Tarasi, Dori Steinfeld, Jana Dawson, Lisa Radtke, Jean Jambas, Stacey Peper, Daniela Bell, Stephanie Cirihal, and many more.

16. I’m grateful for white egret.

17. Gratitude to white egrets for teaching us about taking flight.

18. Gratitude for bald eagles.

19. I’m grateful for Jenny Marquess and Joyce Carey.

20. I’m grateful for sunflowers.

21. I’m grateful to dance Nia with friends.

22. I’m grateful for Barefoot Bliss—a weekend of dancing and art in Midland, Michigan.

23. I’m grateful to be able to stop and notice the sun going down.

24. I appreciate and am grateful to have Lynn Horness, Inge Chapin, and Karen Smaby in my life.

26. Gratitude for Oreo.

27. I appreciate the gardeners of the world.

28. Deep gratitude and awe for the immense fresh water body of Lake Superior.

29. Gratitude for music makers everywhere.

30. Gratitude for flowers that grow in water.

31. Gratitude for artists.

32. Gratitude for Susan and Dale Krageschmidt.

33. Gratitude for food to eat.

34. Gratitude for beauty.

 35. Gratitude for uniqueness.

36. Gratitude for making.

37. Gratitude for friends who dance Nia with me and celebrate together at the Boathouse.

38. Gratitude for growing friendships.

39. Gratitude for snow.

40. Gratitude for fire.

41. Gratitude for animal friends.

42. Gratitude for family.

43. Gratitude for Amaliya in my heart.

44. Gratitude for mothers.

45. Gratitude to good sound guys.

46. Gratitude for babies.

47. Gratitude for grandmothers.

48. Gratitude to collaborators.

49. Gratitude for stitchers.

50. Gratitude for learning.

51. I’m grateful for Lori Eschweiler.

52. Gratitude for friends forever, near or far.

53. I’m grateful for Amaliya.

54. Gratitude for Light.

55. Deep gratitude for Bob Stuber.

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