Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boat Houses on the Mississippi

Notice the sky in these pictures.  Can you figure out the time of year?  Just curious if you're noticing the changes in the sky as the seasons change.  These pictures are of the Mississippi River in mid-August about two months ago.  The sky still had the summer blue--not the crisp blue of autumn yet.   The sky changes as the season's change.  The clearness of the air with less humidity and more cool air creates amazing clear cerulean skies in the autumn.

Bob, my husband, and I put the kayaks in at Prairie Island Beach to travel to the back side of the island to see the Boat Houses and beyond.  It was a still day and we were getting more confident about traveling for a short while on the main channel of the Mississippi.

Each Boat House is unique and beautiful.  Some very utilitarian for fishing and others very decorative for year round living.

The reflections in the water are fascinating.  Golds and reds shimmer on the water.

Life's perspective changes when one is on the water.   Looking through eyes with fascination.

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