Monday, May 27, 2013

My Stroke of Insight

My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

A book review

The book is a brain scientist’s personal journey back to her total functioning after a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain.  The stroke was a very rare one that happened to her at 37 years old.  She was able to recall the journey from losing the functioning of the left hemisphere of her brain to the healing of her neurons and coming back to the total functioning of her left and right hemispheres of her brain.

What I found fascinating about her journey was that losing her capacity to speak, remember language, and the minute by minute dialog of the left brain function allowed her awareness to be keenly focused on only the expansive feelings and emotions of the right brain functions.  It left her with the benefits of complete inner peace.

Her journey to relearn and activate the neurons that had been damaged by the stroke is an amazing story of bravery and strength.  She had many people who helped her in the healing process.  Her mother spent 3 months very carefully helping her learn to read, walk on a sidewalk, and be in the world again.

This book is an amazing story of the resilience and ability of the human spirit to heal.  This book reflects the great determination on the part of Jill Bolte Taylor to choose to heal.  Her knowledge as a neuro-anatomist helped her relearn the brain function that was damaged by stroke.  Her book is a testament to the nature of human healing.  It is also a guide for those who may have experienced stroke or be helping a loved one who has experienced a stroke.

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