Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dancing at the Yoga Center

I’ve been thinking about Nia a lot these days.  I just traveled to Milwaukee to jump start my learning of a routine new to me called hUmaNITY.  It was a great day of listening carefully to music, moving to the choreography of hUmaNITY, feeling it in our bodies, dancing the whole routine at CORE/El Centro, A Natural Healing Center in Milwaukee with Barb Wesson leading the class, and listening to the music and moving some more. 

I’m starting a new Nia class at the Winona Yoga Center located at 686 W. 5th Street.  The session is for 6 weeks starting on the lucky, Friday April 13th, 4:30-5:30pm continuing through May 18th.    No previous Nia experience needed.  This class is for all fitness levels.  One Nia philosophy is that through movement, we find healing.  Students are encouraged to move within the capability of their body and enjoy the sensation.  In the class, students are guided to move to develop strength, balance, agility, stability, and flexibility.  The music will make you want to move; you come away from class with more energy. The introductory price for the six week session costs $54.00.  The first class is free, for people new to Nia.

Give me a call for more information or to register:  507.457.0692 home/studio or 507.429.8357 cell.  

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