Thursday, March 8, 2012

SUTRA global by design

I have a dear friend, Kimi Hammer, who is an artist and lover of travel.  She enjoys people from around the world.  She has taken her love of beauty, travel, and people to create her business called Sutra, global by design.   She travels for several weeks to several months each winter and talks with the native people of India and Indonesia seeing how they create beauty.  She is particularly interested in textiles—though sculpture is fascinating to her.   Useable items of beauty of the every day such as salad tongs, baskets, journals for writing, small bags, musical instruments, and household items catch her eye as well.  One of her acts of generosity in her business is that she makes a donation to organizations that are close to people’s hearts.  Her first sale in Winona of 2012, scheduled this Sunday, March 11th from noon to 4:00pm at 909 E. Mark Street benefits Winona's Habitat for Humanity.

To facilitate this sale that is scheduled so close to her return from India, she had some packages delivered to my home at 909 E. Mark St, Winona.  I was fascinated to see packages that are wrapped in cotton muslin and stitched.  Even the packaging is fascinating.

One of the places that she described to me was a business called People Tree.  The feel of this business was warm and welcoming.  It was overflowing with color. People Tree has the true ethic of made by hand—they create beauty out of beauty.  Even a mistake is cause to rework a piece to make it more beautiful creating a layering of color for depth and delight for the eye and the wearer.

"SUTRA means “thread” in Sanskrit, as in the thread of connection, and exists to link the Global North with those in the Global South, as well as to link the West with the East. SUTRA also helps bring traditional Asian art forms to our contemporary world, and provides travel opportunities to Americans wanting to connect with South Asian people and culture. SUTRA is the thread of life!" Quote from Kim's blog.


She has just returned, after 37 days of travel so filled with life and joy from her connections with the people of India.  She has much to share. Please come to hear stories, see a visual delight of color, find gifts for yourself and your friends, and support the work of Habitat for Humanity.

"SUTRA global by design acts as a force of healing in the world via spreading beauty and abundance across cultures. SUTRA purchases directly & pays a fair price to Asian artisans and sells to the American buyer in a  “home sale” format (rather than a retail store). This conscious choice to keep our overhead low allows SUTRA to pay artisans fairly for high-quality products, lead travel tours to hand-select goods directly from each artisan or fair trade organization/coop, sell these goods at a reasonable price, and donate a portion of all profits to a worthwhile cause.
SUTRA global by design links South Asian artisans directly with conscious Americans who want the choice to purchase fairly-traded, fine quality handicrafts. People want to buy proudly, so you doing a community service to host this event!" Quote from Kim's blog.

Join us in the Habitat home of Mary Lee Eischen and Bob Stuber for a Sutra show to spread beauty in Winona and benefit Habitat for Humanity Winona
Sunday, March 11, 2012, 909 E. Mark St. Winona, Minnesota Noon – 4:00pm
Follow Kim on future adventures on facebook, Kim Hammer or Sutra global by design
or Kim's blog, Sutra global by design.

Upcoming news:
Travel with SUTRA next winter!  Simply email kim at to receive information early this summer regarding our exciting itinerary!
SUTRA in the Springtime: 
Sunday, March 18 12-4pm at the home of Roxanne Price, 1409 Adams St., La Crosse   Benefit for St. Clare Health Mission ~ Trendy clothing, jewelry galore and folk art!
Thursday March 22 at LGBT Resource Center of La Crosse, 309 Pearl Street, downtown La Crosse, benefiting gay teens and adults.~ everything under $39!  Scarves, clothing, folk art and more
Coming later this spring:  2 shows in Viroqua, 1 in Lansing, IA,  and 2 in La Crosse:  Find out more on Facebook or join our mailing list!

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