Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Water Quilt

 Sun dapples over the water quilt in my studio.

Water: it falls from the sky, we drink it, it allows plants to grow, we use it to wash our bodies, our clothing, our food, our homes.  I am very grateful for water.

As I contemplate water, I’ve been playing with what water means to me and how I can express these feelings in my fiber work.  Rather slowly, a piece is unfolding and another one on its heels.  The second piece spoke louder to me and I photographed some of its progress.  Sometimes, I have so many ideas that I don’t know where or how to take a step forward.  I feel like I’m in a stadium with all the fans cheering, “Do this,” or “No, do this,” or “Don’t do this”.  Then I remind myself, “It’s ok to take a baby step.”   I set a timer for 2 minutes.  Yes, only two.  And then I’m in and it becomes fun again and I move the crowded million thoughts aside and go with the energy in the artwork.  Here are some things that I figured out today.

In these photos I'm going to stitch the fabric sleeves that hold the thin piece of wooden screen molding that I use for a hanger.  I measure  the distance that I need for the hanger.  Then I measure the screen molding and cut it with a Japanese hand saw.  I sand the hanger smooth, drill two holes in the wood for the wire that will allow easy hanging.  I sign and date my artwork and it is ready to be hung in a beautiful place.

Back of Water Quilt with hanger.

Front of Water Quilt ready to hang. Quilt measures 6" x 9".

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