Thursday, December 29, 2016

River Walk in all Kinds of Weather

I've been walking to the river often to see the changes in the river landscape.  And I realized that I could do it in the winter too. 

December 29, 2016

December 25, 2016

Inside warm and cozy with Norris

December 11, 2016

November 11, 2016

November 8, 2016

November 1, 2016

September 17, 2016

September 3, 2016

August 30, 2016

 August 4, 2016

One lovely Saturday evening walk, oh my...

Some of my favorite places, Winona, Minnesota and the Mississippi River.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Art of Making with Our Hands

Since I was a little person, I’ve loved making things with my hands.  And if I didn’t know how to make it, I’d go to our local library and find a book to help me figure out how to do it.  There was magic in the search to figure it out and then in the making it!  . My Mom and Dad were makers and they helped in many of the adventures.

Dyckman Free Library, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota ~Photo credit~

I hope to give that sense of "loving the making" to my students at Ridgeway Community School.  This autumn, I held a Stitching Club to teach children how to tie a knot, sew on a button and learn some simple stitches.  We made some fun projects.

The Kindergarten through 2nd Graders made a stitching card with a butterfly, a giraffe and a little pocket to store treasures.  A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped these little ones have such great success.

They were very happy with their stitching projects! 


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